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Sampie Blom
Founder of SA Debt Solutions

Sampie Blom started his career in the South African Police Force as an Intelligence Operator in the Security Branch. When he left the Police Force in 1996, Sampie set off to start his own business. With humility, he will now admit that he wasn’t ‘street wise’ in business and soon had to file for Sequestration in 1998.

This experience has not only humbled Sampie, but it set him off on his path to help other in similar predicaments. He studied a Diploma in Insolvency Law in 1994.

Up to the end of 2016, Sampie has assisted more than 1800 people and various companies in achieving debt-free lives. Sampie is dedicated to helping his clients maintain their assets. His life experience has also given him compassion for people during this difficult time of Debt Review, Sequestration or Liquidation.